Shakedown Ride And Campout

Fully loaded and pretty tired

It's 7:40pm and I'm waiting for my dinner to reconstitute at a campground in Vernonia, OR. I had a good ride today, first ride with all 4 corners loaded (front and rear panniers).

I've never been one for half measures, so I took my untested-and-last-used-by-someone-else tent (can you smell the foreshadowing?) and grabbed most of what I thought I'd be taking on tour with me in a month. Around noon I finally set out for a 44 mile ride, half on dirt/gravel and out of cell range, with more climbing than I've ever done on this bike.

here's a link to the strava route since I am having trouble getting the embed graphic above to show up.

And there were more firsts: first time I'd ridden the last 10 miles or so of this route; first time using the fancy Garmin that Lori got me; first time (trying to; haven't looked at the results yet) video parts of my ride and my tent setup. First time spending a night in Vernonia, and hey, this campground has a friendly host, is open year round has showers and dry tables and plugs, so not a bad stop for bikes!

I'd ridden 3/4 of the route I did today before, and it went about as expected:

I don't love camping in the rain, but I'll take it over riding in the rain; most of the day it looked threatening and the ground was rather wet, but I didn't get rained on too much before I got here. Not enough to really need the rain jacket and definitely not enough to need rain pants. But my panniers and shoes were pretty spattered, even if my pants were pretty dry at least above where the wet shoes had touched the cuffs and allowed them to wick up water, thanks to the VERY THOROUGH fenders on this rig!

I'll figure out the video tomorrow once I'm home, I don't even know if it turned out or how to edit the weird 360 camera's view, but I noted that it only ran for about 1.5 hours on steady record before it petered out, and that it was happy to charge from the power brick I brought even while I rode. The Garmin also managed to charge from the dynamo hub while I had it plugged in while I was on the long flats out of town. I imagine the camera could get charged right where it is mounted as well, will have to test that out next time it's drier and I'm zooming.

Things I forgot or should acquire:

Camp is set, I'm showered and fed, off to call Lori and then read myself to sleep! Tomorrow I ride back, maybe I'll go a different way home though since some of those steeps in the dirt were more challenging than a paved road or rail trail would be..

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