Back on Track!

Progress made, plans coming together for a start date of 26 May

My last update was a bit bleak and depressed, but I'm happy to report that health is good, miles are long, and tickets are bought for take 2, starting next weekend!

Fortunately I've been ready to go for months aside from health issues, and some combination of the below ingredients seemed to resolve the pain:

I have again been riding almost every day, averaging >25 miles a day for the past month or so, as you can see on Strava - which I am using as a convenient tracking method for my training and will probably continue to use throughout my trip!

Lori and I did a shakedown camping trip last weekend (albeit with her new tent and stove, my old tent and stove are in good shape per my last campout), so even loaded, I feel confident in my ability to ride most days. We'll do one more shakedown trip (~50 miles loaded) on this route this weekend to celebrate some friends' wedding.

Look for many more details and updates here as I set out in 10 days!

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